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Why You Attract The Wrong Men

Guess who’s fault that is? It’s yours! If you want to meet a certain type of man than you have to actually go to where he spends his time. It’s not rocket science. Stop being passive and lazy and just agreeing to go to all the same old, tired places that your girlfriends decide to go. Have a strategy and take control. Love can be serendipitous, but it won’t be on your time frame. Take action and make love happen. If your interested in finding out where the specific kind of guy hangs out just let me know.

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How to Get a Guy to Commit

Matt’s Dating Advice: Men become emotionally connected after they become physically addicted. So if you want a guy all to yourself make the passion hotter than ever but don’t sleep with him. Do everything else. Remember a guys fantasy about sleeping with you will always be stronger than the reality of it. Let him chase the fantasy until he falls in love with you.

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Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom

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How To Be Faithful

She walks into the coffeeshop and our eyes immediately meet. I almost fall off my chair because this woman is gorgeous. And to make matters worse the universe is definitely trying to screw with me because judging by the look and smile she just gave me, she’s interested.

Did I mention that I’m a happily married man yet? This of course might complicate things… actually it makes this potential minefield quite simple to navigate.

I love my wife, and I will not cheat. Been there, done that. In my past life I made a series of mistakes that left me a divorced man with a wounded and empty soul, that man would have slept with the woman above, most likely five minutes after spotting her walk in to the coffee bar.

So how am I going to escape this cosmic curse of temptation? By following the rules below, they’ll never send you in the wrong direction, I promise.

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