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Ask Matt Titus: When is he going to take down his Dating Profiles?

Ask Matt Titus: When is he going to take down his Dating Profiles?

Dear Matt,

We’ve had a few dates and it’s always a good time. The problem is, he still has his profile up on two online dating websites? Can I ask him to take it down?


Matt Titus Says: 

The goal here is for him to actively take down his profile on his own without you asking, hinting or requesting him to do so. If he does this on his own, it will make you feel extremely secure in the relationship. Give him at least 2 months before you even bring it up. Here are some ways to deal with it in the meantime.

Don’t dwell on it. Does it really matter that his profile is up when you guys have a great time every time you get together?

Where’s your confidence? Remember, a confident girl is a sexy girl. Just relax. It’s a little early for you to even be thinking about him taking down his profile. Let him have at it!

Let him continue to meet women that absolutely pale in comparison to you. He’ll figure out soon enough that he only wants to be with you!


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Building the Bridge to the Right Guy

I got to thinking this morning when I was sitting in Starbucks looking around at the beautiful, successful women that New York City has to offer the bachelors who walk these streets.

It’s really pretty simple.

It’s not 1975 anymore. Portraying yourself as a “Lady in Waiting,” as in waiting for your Prince Charming, is going to result in one thing: Being Lonely!

Nowadays, its all about being unique and different. What can you do to stand out from all of the other beautiful women that want that same good looking successful guy? The answer is in your behavior.  So, I put together a little checklist for the women who deserve the right guy.

1. Smile

2. Approach men

3. Introduce yourself

4. Start the conversation

5. Be fearless

Simple, yes. Effective, hell yes.

If a guy can’t handle a woman walking up to him and starting a conversation than he isn’t someone that you want to know anyway. A secure, good guy will be completely impressed by a women that takes the initiative and attempts to make love happen. So get out there with a purpose and a plan, smile at the next great looking guy you see and actually walk up to him and introduce yourself. You might be surprised at the outcome of your actions.

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