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Ask Matt Titus: Advice on Vacation with new Boyfriend

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Matchmaker Matt Titus answers your questions about love, dating and relationships

Dear Matt:

I am going out of town for the weekend with my new boyfriend. We are going to be spending a lot of time together and I am a little worried it will freak both of us out. We usually just see each other once a week, is there a way to make it light and fun.

Matt Titus Answer:

Before you know it, Mr. Right Now is going to be asking you to head out of town on a weekend summer trip. But, spending 24/7 together can reveal a lot about a person, and you have played it perfect so far. Make it a weekend like no other. Here are a few ways to ensure three days he will never forget, starting on Friday after work!

  • Guys hate to wait. When he arrives to pick you up, be ready to go. Don’t fuss with your hair, search for your favorite boots and then re-check to make sure you unplugged your flat iron. Be ready when he gets there. No fuss, no muss.
  • Travel light. One bag max! Don’t turn him into your little luggage-carrying weekend Sherpa! For the single girl on the go, you only need a few changes of clothes to get you through. Make sure you can interchange the pieces of each outfit, he’ll find you low maintenance and highly attractive.
  • Switch up your scent. To ensure he’s daydreaming about you come Monday morning add a little perfume to the trip. One dab on each wrist, two behind the ears and a dollop on his favorite tee will keep him remembering.
  • Don’t Call/Text. Once he drops you off and the weekend of bliss is over, don’t start calling or texting him to let him know how great it was. He just spent a long time with you in “guy time.” Let him savor the hours spent and then let him do the dialing. If your time together was half as great as you think it was, he will be trying to get himself penciled in before next weekend rolls around.



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