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Ask Matt Titus: Do I Tell Him About My Past?

Dear Matt,
I am bold, very open and always honest about my sexual past with boyfriends. But, with the guy I am currently seeing, I am a little reluctant to tell him about my past. Any help you can give me? I don’t want to mess things up and I am sure I am not the only woman facing this problem.

A: Any man who has a problem with an experienced and mature woman, who knows exactly what she wants, needs to stay in HIS white picket fence fantasy world. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes and picking men who were not right for you in the past. The good news is, you know what you are looking for and what is right for you, now. Here are a few ways to ensure your former flings don’t come back to haunt you.

* Avoid bragging about the days you were what you call a “party girl.” It may sound hot to your girlfriends, but it probably doesn’t sound cool to him.

* Your relationship is not a confessional. It is okay NOT to reveal everything about yourself; a little mystery goes a long way.

* If you run into an old flame, introduce him, and make sure your boyfriend has the center spotlight. Don’t spend your Saturday night making excuses, explaining every intimate detail of this particular past tryst.

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Ladies: Don’t Be Afraid to Make the FIRST Move!

Stop waiting for him to come to you! That’s advice from a recent Women’s Health article, which says 55% of men find it sexy when a woman approaches them. Men enjoy receiving attention just as much as women do. If you think a guy will be less interested if you make the first move, you’re completely wrong. Don’t be afraid to smile, make eye contact, subtlety touch his arm and definitely compliment him (YES, guys like compliments too!). You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Check out my appearance on Rachael Ray giving flirting and dating tips to The Food Network’s fabulous Sunny Anderson.

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Matt Titus on Today Show

Matt Titus on Today Show

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Matt Titus on Rachel Ray: Dating Tips For The Single Ladies

Matt Titus on Rachel Ray: Dating Tips For The Single Ladies

Sunny Anderson is usually whipping up a recipe when she stops by, but this time she’s letting us help her try to add some heat to her social life! After checking out a singles mixer and going on a date from a matchmaker, Sunny gets tips for meeting Mr. Right from Why Hasn’t He Called author, Matt Titus!

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Matt Titus On Dr. Drew

Matt Titus On Dr. Drew

What’s worse? Being dumped or being the dumpee? That was the focus of Dr. Drew Wednesday night.

“People define their lives by their relationships, and I don’t think that’s healthy,” said Matt Titus, author of “Why Hasn’t He Called?”

Titus added, “The person that is dumped is not the problem. The dumper is the person that has the problem.  Ninety-five person of the time, there’s some insecurity, some problem, or some weird thing.”

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CBS News: How To Deal With A Bad Boss!

I talked with Chris Wragge and Erica Hill about bad bosses and how best to deal with them! How do you deal with you? Let me know!

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Don’t Be His Bed Cred

You remember the exact moment. You were both hot and heavy and the camera was an arms length away. He was a stud, but now, six months later the dud has been flashing nude pictures of you for all his bro’s to see.

It’s called Bed Cred in guy talk. Ray Jay has it, along with Tommy Lee, Brett Michaels and the list goes on.  Bed Cred is the power to make a chick strip naked and perform in front of the camera. Sharing that Bed Cred is a right of honor with some guys, case in point, a client of mine had a boyfriend who would get together with his buddies every few months for an event they called “the wall of shame”. They would actually take turns pinning up naked pictures of their recent conquests in a competition to see who bagged the hottest chick. Guys consider Bed Cred something that puts them into the “circle of royalty” among their friends.

It’s easy to get, it’s hard to get rid of.

It started when he told you how hot you looked wrapped up in those sheets. Then, he asked to snap a few sultry shots.

You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and notice that you really do have that sexy bed-head look.  You agree under the one condition, you have final cut approval.

What he was really thinking, I’ll take a couple of headshots while I tell her she’s totally hot. Then I’ll kiss her and she’ll be ready to bare it all.

After he snaps off a few shots, it makes you feel sexy.  Then, he starts kissing you and touching you like no other man. He stops, looks at you and says, “Babe, you know what would be such a turn on, artistic pictures of your beautiful body. I’ve never wanted to do that with anyone else.”

Inside his mind he’s thinking, my boys will die when they see these. I can’t believe I lost the pictures I had of my last girlfriend. This girl is ten times hotter.

The next thirty minutes you turn into a Playboy centerfold, and follow it up with the best sex he’s ever had.

Inside his mind, he will have this memory of you even when there is another girl in his bed.

For girls, the only way to avoid what happens next is not to stand in front of that camera to being with.

Six months later you’ve been memorialized in his camera phone for all his bro’s to see.

Guys consider Bed Cred something that puts then into the “circle of royalty” among friends.

Simply put, men are visual creatures. At the end of a relationship, the emotional attachment is over. While women save love notes and jewelry, men have their photos.

In the end, the “ex” can be the best thing to building a guys “bed cred” because according to him, she would do anything for him in bed because he was the best she ever had.

It would be great to ask her, but you can’t, because she’s long gone.

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Tip: Love or Sex ? Choose Sex…

Why do most women believe that their has to be emotion with sex?

Sex without emotion can be hotter and less inhibited.

Let a little passion drive your actions you might be surprised where it takes you.

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Building the Bridge to the Right Guy

I got to thinking this morning when I was sitting in Starbucks looking around at the beautiful, successful women that New York City has to offer the bachelors who walk these streets.

It’s really pretty simple.

It’s not 1975 anymore. Portraying yourself as a “Lady in Waiting,” as in waiting for your Prince Charming, is going to result in one thing: Being Lonely!

Nowadays, its all about being unique and different. What can you do to stand out from all of the other beautiful women that want that same good looking successful guy? The answer is in your behavior.  So, I put together a little checklist for the women who deserve the right guy.

1. Smile

2. Approach men

3. Introduce yourself

4. Start the conversation

5. Be fearless

Simple, yes. Effective, hell yes.

If a guy can’t handle a woman walking up to him and starting a conversation than he isn’t someone that you want to know anyway. A secure, good guy will be completely impressed by a women that takes the initiative and attempts to make love happen. So get out there with a purpose and a plan, smile at the next great looking guy you see and actually walk up to him and introduce yourself. You might be surprised at the outcome of your actions.

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Taking Him from Lusting You to Loving You

Passion so intense the sheets are smoldering. He’s begging for more. You are in total control, pushing him, and you, into a state of ecstasy both of you have only dreamed.

Sex with your guy has always been great, but this time you rocked his world like no other woman on his notorious list of conquests ever has. As you reclaim your side of the bed, being the independent temptress of seduction that you are, the unthinkable happens: he follows you across the bed and wraps you into the most intense, I-will-love-you-forever spoon that you have ever experienced. As you feel his rock-hard abs melding into the small of your back, one last thought crosses your mind before you drift off to sleep, “GOT HIM.”

Have you ever been this woman? Well, let me tell you, I have been that guy and as soon as the sun came up, the sex kitten in my arms didn’t become the “love of my life,” she became “the lust of my life.” Contrary to what most women believe, giving a guy the best sex of his life does not get you any closer to his heart, but it can lead you to HIS TIPPING POINT, that critical time when a man’s sexual satisfaction opens the emotional pathway for him to fall in love.

If this window of opportunity isn’t handled correctly, it can actually keep you categorized as his woman below the belt. Believe it or not, guys do feel emotional attachment after sex, but they try to ignore and deny it.

The brief, pre-slumber moments after a man is completely sexually satisfied are filled with contemplation. “Maybe, just maybe, she could be the one.” And, he rationalizes by thinking about her ability to physically please him as well as her passionate living in the moment, sexual mentality. Many women, however, make the understandable mistake of showing their desire to emotionally connect after great sex. They become hyper-accommodating and absurdly attentive. Such after-sex behavior couldn’t be any worse if you’re in the market for more than just a romp in the bed. Why? Because when a woman changes from the seductive temptress to an emotionally needy marshmallow, his long-simmering fears of obligation, monogamy and commitment boil over. Mr. Right Now immediately extinguishes any thoughts of emotional attachment. But do not despair! You can conquer his tipping point and turn a commitment-phobic boy into a truly committed, fearless man.

First, great sex shouldn’t morph you into a doting girlfriend. Your mattress moves just rocked his world. Why turn around and tuck him in? If anything, let him wonder what you’re thinking as you both drift off to sleep. Then follow these four steps to transform him from lusting you to loving you.

Step One: After you show him your moves, move over. Retreat to the other side of the bed and do not make physical contact. Sleep soundly under a warm blanket of post-coital bliss.

Step Two: The morning after. Initiate another sexcapade. Please yourself, please him, and then get the hell out of there.

Step Three: Let him call you. I don’t care if it takes five days, let him reach out first.

Step Four: The next time that you are together, make sure the encounter does not include sex. Make him connect with you emotionally and don’t mention the great sex you had. He now knows what you can do in bed; show him what you can do outside the boudoir.

Engage the brain he has above his belt, find his tipping point, and your next night of lust will add the emotional element you’ve wanted all along.You Sex kitten you!!!

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