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Cosmo Mag: The Case Of The "Crazy Ex"

I was waiting for a friend at a restaurant when a beautiful woman asked if she could join me. She sat down and said, “You don’t remember me, do you, Matt?” She looked familiar, but before I could respond, she said, “It’s Belinda, from Philadelphia.” Um, Belinda (not her real name), as in the craziest ex-girlfriend ever? I scanned her body for hidden weapons. You see, even guys who race motorcycles and laugh at Saw VI want to run to Mama when faced with a psycho ex.

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Cosmo Mag: Why Men Think Women Are Nags

When Cosmo calls…I am always here to help! Check out my latest article…

It was 85 degrees at 9 a.m., and I was headed to the pool to cool off. Sud denly, I heard my significant other’s voice coo, “Matt, can you call to board the dogs for Thanksgiving?” Huh? That’s five months away. They’re two 7 -pound Chihuahuas — how much space could they take up at the doggie day spa? Clearly, she was kidding.

I grunted in response and carried on with the day. At noon, she rephrased the request: “Did that number work — the one for the kennel?” Then at dinner, my personal favorite: “So, what did they tell you when you called about boarding the dogs?” This was July. She was talking about November. At this point, I had no choice — it was self -preservation. I pulled out my secret weapon, the one itty- bitty phrase that’s proven to drive her straight up the wall: You’re nagging.

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How To Be Faithful

She walks into the coffeeshop and our eyes immediately meet. I almost fall off my chair because this woman is gorgeous. And to make matters worse the universe is definitely trying to screw with me because judging by the look and smile she just gave me, she’s interested.

Did I mention that I’m a happily married man yet? This of course might complicate things… actually it makes this potential minefield quite simple to navigate.

I love my wife, and I will not cheat. Been there, done that. In my past life I made a series of mistakes that left me a divorced man with a wounded and empty soul, that man would have slept with the woman above, most likely five minutes after spotting her walk in to the coffee bar.

So how am I going to escape this cosmic curse of temptation? By following the rules below, they’ll never send you in the wrong direction, I promise.

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How Do You Define Cheating?

Justin Timberlake. He is a superstar. He is handsome (according to the ladies I know). He is extremely successful. And, he has a beautiful girlfriend. But, according to today’s New York Post he was seen as he “partied and flirted with a gaggle of gorgeous girls.” So, with such a publicized monogamous relationship with Jessica Biel, some gawkers are asking is this a form of cheating?

Here’s my take. This is not so much a form of cheating as it is a complete disregard and disrespect of an existing relationship. Bottom line. When celebrities allow their relationships to become public domain, they need to take the same care in maintaining the relationship’s public image as they do in their own. The relationship’s public image becomes a reflection of their personal morals and values. Justin Timberlake has a squeaky clean, kinda hot geek image going on that gels nicely with his very public relationship with Jessica Biel. He is a heart throb that gets involved in many monogamous relationships which the public loves and embraces. He is not known as a CHEATING WOMANIZER.

This recent flirting behavior is not cheating, but is potentially very damaging to his public image as well as extremely disrespectful to Jessica. There is no proof that these flirting actions have led to any c

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