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Guys that text more than 3x without suggesting getting together aren’t serious about dating you!!!!

Look, when a guy is playing “Texting Tag” with you he is just feeding his ego from the attention he is getting from you. A real man wants to go from texting to seeing you in person as soon as possible.

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Men Ring in The New Year By Doing “Relationship House Cleaning” While Women “Do Relationship Fixing Uping”

When it comes to relationship status and the New Year, a guy would rather make a clean break and start over than put in the time to improve a subpar relationship, while women would rather make the effort to fix the relationship.

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How to Get a Guy to Commit

Matt’s Dating Advice: Men become emotionally connected after they become physically addicted. So if you want a guy all to yourself make the passion hotter than ever but don’t sleep with him. Do everything else. Remember a guys fantasy about sleeping with you will always be stronger than the reality of it. Let him chase the fantasy until he falls in love with you.

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Should Women Pay On Dates?

For the new year, I am going to have a tip a day!

2011 is your year to Make Love Happen.

Matt’s Dating Advice:  Women should never ever pay! When a woman pays, guys think less of them and it sets the bar low for how much men believe they have to do in a relationship.

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Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom

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Attention All Women: Learn to Compartmentalize

Today I was trying to convince my date coaching client to start compartmentalizing. Does anyone know what compartmentalizing means? It has nothing to do with organizing your clothes or making your tiny Manhattan apartment more livable. It is adopting the belief that you have the right to be sexually satisfied without having to be in love with the guy that you are are sleeping with! Read more »

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Manhattan Men Want Barbie But Don’t Look Like Ken..

Manhattan men want Barbie but they sure don’t look like Ken. The outrageous audacity of the “Manhattan Man” never surprises me. This arrogant serial dater has been granted an air of entitlement when it comes to dating in the Big Apple, not as a result of his charm, charisma or overall appealing persona, but only due to the sheer numbers that favor him. Read more »

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In NYC Looks Aren’t Enough

I had a date coaching client scheduled earlier this week at the Hudson Hotel. As usual, I was cutting it close by stopping at Starbucks first for my third iced tall double shot of espresso. I prefer to deliver my dating advice with as much liquid enthusiasm as possible. I ran into the lobby of the hotel at 2:03 looking for my 2:00 appointment. As I was searching for the self described “girl next door,” my eyes came across one of the sexiest women I had seen in NYC in a very long time. Our eyes met and I quickly went from “accomplished date coach” to “wanna be single guy.” Yes, yes I know I am married but every once in awhile it’s fun to throw that meaningless sexy smile out to a beautiful Manhattan woman in hopes of receiving a “right back at you smile” just to know I’ve still got it. As I passed her, I flashed my pearly whites and hoped for the best. Well, I was certainly surprised with her reaction. This beautiful creature not only smiled back, but actually knew my name. I stopped dead in my tracks. How did she know me? Was it from my incredibly successful Lifetime Television Show (1) season..oh boy (LOL) probably not. She didn’t seem like the traditional Lifetime viewer. Or, maybe it was from my electrifying early morning CBS Early Show appearances as their dating guru. That was doubtful too, this girl got a lot of beauty rest.

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TMZ: Calling Out The Millionaire Matchmaker

Check it out:This week I called out Patti Stanger on her recent tirade on her stylist. I also offered her my matchmaking and dating services for free..I mean a matchmaker of that caliber SINGLE???? What’s up Patti??

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Its Not You..It’s Me

I had the chance to date coach a Forbes reporter.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Client: Anna Vander Broek

At our first meeting, my dating coach says he is going to teach me how to “date like a man.”

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