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Ask Matt Titus: Can I send a guy flowers?


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Dear Matt:

 Is there something wrong with sending a guy flowers?

I did it after a second date to say thank you, and I haven’t heard from him since.


Matt Titus Says:

The best thing that you could send a guy after a great second date is…NOTHING. Men do not respond well to gestures like flowers.

Most likely, that bouquet  will be interpreted by him as a symbol that you think that the relationship is more serious than it really is… and he will withdraw.

A 3-step plan to make sure you get a third date.

  1. Do nothing. Wait for him to make the next move
  2. Make him wait. Don’t agree to go out immediately. This is what separates the girls from the women. Tell him you must check your calendar and get back to him (especially if he waits more than 4 days to call you).
  3. Do NOT obsess. Remember, you have only gone out with him twice. Anybody can be on his or her best behavior for two dates. Stay busy, spend time with friends, workout and never, ever practice putting his last name after yours!


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